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Python How To Program

Coding is something that everyone should learn. I learned to code rather late in fact in my late teens. I wasted a bit of time in my earlier childhood playing computers games rather than really understanding how computers worked.

In the late 90s there was an awesome documentary called Triumph of the Nerds by Robert X. Cringely which inspired me to teach myself to code. It’s a skill that certainly helps you get around computers and appreciate the inner workings of them, but it also helps you to take control of your creativity – if you can imagine a solution, then you can build it!

When it comes to Python, it has become one of the easiest programming languages to learn but there’s also an incredible amount of depth to it as well. Rather than just share with you the ABCs of python, there are many such websites, my intention is to share with you how to solve specific common problems that you will face when you create more complex programs.

Each post is structured to solve a particular problem with code you can cut and paste, and also the exact output you can expect as well so you can understand exactly how things work, and are expected to work.

If there are particular problems you want me to cover and write about, please email me, I’m more than happy to cover them. Happy coding!